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Main Measures Taken to Enhance Compliance Management of the Enterprise Apps in Collecting & Using
               Personal Information in 2019

                   ?Real-time display by virtue of 5G+AR
                   ?Formulated regulations such as "Specification for China Telecom Apps in Collecting and Using Personal Information" and
                     "Compliance Management Measures for Customer-oriented Apps in Collecting and Using Personal Information" to improve the
                     app compliance level from the aspects of standard specification, implementation, education and training, technical support and
                     establishment of long-term mechanism
                   ?Comprehensively sorted out and checked the self-owned customer-oriented apps, and carried out risk assessment and
                     problem rectification
                   ?Organized compliance management training on app collection and use of personal information, conducted app spot check and
                     evaluation, and closed down unqualified apps and turned over to other apps
                   ?Established a compliance management platform for enterprise apps in collecting and using personal information, to make
                     technical tests on use authority and personal information collection, regulate the behavior of self-operated apps in obtaining
                     personal information, and improve the efficiency of compliance management

               Advance Number Portability

                In 2019, we put into practice the arrangement and requirements of the MIIT on implementing number portability nationwide, promoted
               transformation of network, business platform and management system, formulated business management specifications and service rules,   SOCIETY
               carried out intra- and inter-network business testing, and provided number portability service as scheduled. In accordance with the principle
               of "user-friendly, fair and just, honest and trustworthy, and collaborative", we continued to improve relevant services and strove to ensure
               that users can switch from one operator to another at a fast speed and use the service well.        A MODERATELY PROSPEROUS   DEVELOP ICT SERVICES FOR

               Overview of Number Portability Action Implementation in 2019

                   ?Raised understanding & awareness:Strengthened the sense of responsibility and ensured full understanding and
                   ?Tightened up service management:Standardized service behavior, to protect users' rights and interests and service quality
                   ?Provided high-quality products:Increased service value, improved customer experience and customer satisfaction with more
                     high-quality and efficient integrated intelligent information service
                   ?Strengthened  operation  and  maintenance:ensured  smooth  operation  of  the  network  system  for  number  porting,  and
                     safeguarded communications quality and network information security
                   ?Enhanced social cooperation:strove to realize seamless switch and connection of communications and information services
                     for users switching operators with the same phone number

                                   +                               +                                +

                        NEs transformed              APIs upgraded & transformed     Business platforms upgraded
                                                                                         and transformed

                                                          +             million+person-time
                                         Tests conducted                  Staff training

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  35
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