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Carry out a Special Action on Service Improvement

             In 2019, in combination with the theme education of "Remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping the mission in mind",
            we actively practiced the service philosophy of "people's posts and telecommunications for the people", and carried out a special
            activity of "keeping the original aspiration and undertaking the mission, all staff service in action", to enhance the ideological and action
            consciousness of all employees in serving the people, continuously improve the service ability and quality, and strive to create a new and
            better information life for the people.

            Main Contents of the Special Action on Service Improvement in 2019

                General managers talk   Listen to customers'    Training for service   Commend outstanding
                   about service            opinions               personnel             service deeds

                General managers of    Managers at all levels went   Improved their service skills   Commend  outstanding
                provincial and municipal   to the grassroots to listen   to provide users with sound   service deeds: Carried out
                branches gave lectures   to  customers' opinions,   services         service deeds selection,
                to employees and guided   and did substantive work to                and guided the staff to
                them to have service in   solve their problems                       "learn from the outstanding
                mind and in practice                                                 employees, align with them,
                                                                                     and strive to be a model in
                                                                                     serving the public"

           【General Managers Talk about Service】
              General managers of provincial and municipal branches personally explained to employees the tradition of China Telecom in serving the public,
            exchanged their understanding of and experience from service work, discussed how to do a good job in customer service, and promoted employees to
            understand the original aspiration of the Company, fulfill the mission, and keep the service culture of China Telecom in mind and implement it in action.

                 Service is a business, a product and a foundation of sustainable   Service is not a cold number, but a vivid scene, and emotional
               development.                                   communication. It is a matter related to every business line and every
                               -- Qin Xueshou, GM of the Gansu Branch
                                                                            -- Tang Xiaowen, GM of the Qinghai Branch

                 Keep in mind the original aspiration and mission of the posts and   When doing service work, you should always be sincere, think in
               telecommunications industry, focus on customer perception from aspects   others' shoes, and "don't do to others what you don't want others to do
               that bring inconvenience to and make customers unhappy and dissatisfied,   to you".
               and solve service problems.
                                                                              -- Zhang Yuheng, GM of the Jilin Branch
                              -- Shao Xinhua, GM of the Xinjiang Branch

                 We shall keep the philosophy of customer service deeply in mind and   An excellent enterprise will have excellent service, and excellent service
               customers have the final say about whether our service is good or not.  will make an excellent enterprise.
                             -- Chen Zhiran, GM of the Guangdong Branch    -- Zheng Chengyu, GM of the Sichuan Branch

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