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【Listen to Customers' Opinions and Solve Problems】
                 The Zhejiang Branch set up a "General Manager Supervision Hotline" to listen to complaints from unsatisfied customers. In 2019, 800 calls were put
               through in average per month, and 350 complaint work orders were handled in average per month. A total of 45 typical cases were analyzed, 76 problems
               were discovered and 42 reasonable suggestions were put forward.
                 In view of the problem reported by the customer service number 10000 that customer's network access fee for the first month was too complex, the
               Guangdong Branch organized several departments to analyze the disputed
               cost scenarios in depth, made an online promise to customers that "no use,
               no charge; refund immediately what should not be charged", and provided
               a service of quick claim payment for petty sum, enabling customers to
               know their consumption clearly and get assured.
                 In response to the problems of "inconvenience, slowness and dissatisfaction"
               reported by customers in new installation of broadband, the Xinjiang Branch
               has made four promises: "delivery on the same day of ordering, 100%
               satisfaction of online service, inquiry of broadband order on the same day, and
               'installation on the same day of ordering, repair on the same day of ordering,   On November 1, 2019, the Vice General Manager of the Jilin Branch Mr.
               and compensation for slowness' for broadband installation and maintenance   Zhang Zhexin and others were listening to customers' opinions at the working
               service, to improve customer satisfaction.      site of custom service hotline 10000

              【Commend Outstanding Service Deeds】
                 Under the unified organization of the Group Company, more than 100,000 front-line employees participated in service study & discussion and mass
               selection of outstanding service deeds. Through a series of selection, 31 employees won the gold and silver awards of "Outstanding Service Deeds   SOCIETY
               Selection among All Staff".                                                                         A MODERATELY PROSPEROUS   DEVELOP ICT SERVICES FOR

               On January 3, 2020, the Group Company held the final of "Outstanding Service Deeds Selection among All Staff", and 10 contestants won the gold awards. They are: Ye Hongyi of
               the Anhui Branch, Shen Yang of the Jiangsu Branch, Wu Linna of the Guangdong Branch, Zhang Yan of the Guizhou Branch, Cao Tian of the Fujian Branch, Li Shuman of the Hubei
               Branch, Gao Min of the Hebei Branch, Hua Shuming of the Shanghai Branch, Zhang Kang of the Zhejiang Branch and Feng Jianyuan of the Tianjin Branch.

               Ye Hongyi: Line maintainer who has walked in the mountain for 20 years
                 Fuling Town of Jixi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, is the starting
               point of Hui-Hang Ancient Path. It is located in the mountainous area
               and has inconvenient transportation. Ye Hongyi of Fuling Rural Business
               Department of the Jixi County Branch is engaged in line maintenance
               service locally. He is responsible for 40 kilometers long of communications
               pole lines, and serving more than 700 households of users in an area of
               35 square kilometers. Local users are scattered, and the fiber optic cable
               and installation tools can only be transported with hands and shoulders. In
               the past 20 years, from fixed-line telephone, broadband to 4G, Ye Hongyi
               has always served mountain village users on foot, and safeguarded the
               communications network along the Hui-Hang Ancient Path with youth.  On October 16, 2019, Ye Hongyi was walking on the Hui-Hang Ancient Path deep in
                                                               mountains to provide communications line installation & maintenance service
                 As a CT employee, my mission is to help people living in the mountains to be able to use telephones, broadband and E-surfing mobile phones, and enable them to
               enjoy the convenience brought by information. I will keep going at the thought of users in this mountainous area trust China Telecom.
                                                                  -- Ye Hongyi, from the Jixi County Branch in Xuancheng, Anhui Province

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  37
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