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Wu Linna: Intelligent customer service agent trainer who devotes heart and emotion to training

              In response to the problem that customers were not satisfied with the navigation of interactive voice response (IVR) by customer service 10000, the
            Guangdong Branch tried to develop an intelligent customer service agent "Xiaozhi", using AI technology to innovate services and improve customer
            perception. Wu Linna, the operation manager and chief experience engineer of the 10000 intelligent voice team of the Guangdong Branch, adopted "PASS
            rule" to design the process (Promptly, responding to customers in time; Actively, making targeted prediction and recommendation for customers; Smoothly,
            smooth switch between service modes; Simply, simple and clear service) during the function design and optimization process she undertook. After the
            intelligent customer service agent "Xiaozhi" was launched and went through repeated training and continuous iteration and optimization, it promoted the
            linear increase of usage. The average time length of customers getting services has been compressed by 46 seconds, and the net promoter score (NPS) is
            as high as 53.6%, becoming the most popular intelligent customer service of China Telecom.

              Every phonetic and semantic training of "Xiaozhi" is listening to the opinions
            of customers; every trajectory analysis is understanding the needs of customers;
            I have always found that the details of service are not perfect in every training;
            and I expect the next version of Xiaozhi to be more convenient and more user-
              -- Wu Linna, operation manager and chief experience engineer of the 10000
                               intelligent voice team of the Guangdong Branch

                                                             On June 18, 2019, Wu Linna was training the intelligent customer service

            Hua Shuming: Broadband installation & maintenance engineer who practices the spirit of craftsman

              Hua Shuming, head of quality youth studio and an installation and maintenance engineer of the Shanghai Branch, devotes himself to providing excellent
            broadband service for customers. In the process of providing private video line service for government and enterprise customers, responding to the issue
            that customers were not willing to buy routers by themselves, he conducted in-depth investigation for more than 10 times, broke through the traditional
            networking mode, eliminated router terminals, and shortened the installation and debugging time from 2 hours to 10 minutes. In the process of providing
            smart home business, he recorded the problems encountered at any time, summarized the solutions by classification, and formed a normative operation
            manual, driving the team of smart home engineers to jointly provide high-quality services for customers.

              I will share my experience with every partner around me, and turn my detour
            into their straight path; I will also give full play to the spirit of young craftsmanship
            and unite with the front- and back-end youth for joint innovation.
              -- Hua Shuming, broadband installation & maintenance engineer of the West
                               District Telecom Office of the Shanghai Branch

                                                             On December 19, 2019, Hua Shuming was debugging and testing the links of
                                                             a private network in the computer room

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