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                                                Drive Industry        Undertakings
                                                 Upgrading           for Public Well-

                           1                                                              4

                                Expedite                                        Practice Green
                                Smart                                           Development

            Expedite Smart Operation

             As a key player in the development of the digital economy, China Telecom has accelerated its own digital transformation, actively
            applied smart technologies in its operation and innovated operation approaches and models to continuously improve the level of lean
            operation, precise management, precision marketing and individually tailored services. In 2019, the "Empowerment through Artificial
            Intelligence for Comprehensive Improvement in Service Capabilities" project won the first prize of the 16th Award for Innovation
            in Corporate Management Modernization for the Communication Industry issued by the China Association of Communication
            Enterprises, the "Exploration of MSS in Smart Operation" was rated as the best case in the "2019 Typical Examples of ICT Application
            by Central SOEs" by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and its WeChat &
            Weibo official accounts for customer care were awarded as the "Most Influential New Media Secondary Account of Central SOEs in
            2019" by the News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

           【Build Smart Service Halls】

              China Telecom takes the initiative to adapt to new retail trends through improving capabilities in such scenarios as smart customer identification, smart
            experience, precision marketing and fast-track service, as well as optimizing the merchandising, service process and user experience in service halls. In
            2019, it built more than 400 smart service halls nationwide, increased customer visits to business outlets by 45% and witnessed remarkable raise in its
            service level and customer satisfaction. At the TM Forum Excellence Awards 2019, China Telecom's smart service hall innovation was honored with the
            "Outstanding Customer Centricity Award".

                              China Telecom Smart Service Hall – Transformation in Three Aspects

                                                        Intelligent                    Improved
                        Standardized                    Marketing                     Interactive
                                                         Service                      Experience

                Arrange merchandise layout according   Identify customers in both online and   Introduce smart terminals operating
                to unified standards for smart service   offline scenarios, guide customers to   across different platforms to diversify
                hall while streamline in-store control   experience offerings in a smart manner,   products, and introduce cloud shelves
                with digitalized appr oaches to   and recommend services and products   and touch-screen interaction to enable
                marketing                     to targeted customers          self-service

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