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China Telecom Research Institute and the Guangdong Branch launched the "AI-enabled unmanned service hall" in a pilot in 2019, using artificial
               intelligence for "identity authentication+face recognition+liveness detection" in a one-stop manner to realize efficient service offering and enhance
               customers' technology experience.

               Examples of New Experiences in the AI-enabled Unmanned Service Hall

                   ?Users can complete all processes for card issuance in 2 minutes with automatic activation so the card can be used immediately
                     once inserted in place.
                   ?Users can make appointments online to choose their mobile number and then pick up the cards offline; they can also redeem
                     points or gifts by "showing their faces for verification"
                   ?As for customer pain points resulted from long queues during peak hours in large business outlets, remote customer service
                     has been designed to extend business hours
                   ?In places without any business outlets such as airports, railway stations, campuses and shopping malls, on-premise smart
                     terminals are put in place to provide convenience to self-service customers

               On May 13, 2019, the Guangdong Branch launched the "AI-enabled unmanned service hall" pilots in VIVO and OPPO flagship stores in PASO Plaza, Baiyun
               District, Guangzhou

                 An unmanned facility where you never feel any inconvenient! There are customer receptionists on the video to answer questions online and their service is always
                                                             ——He Yixin, Administrative Director, Guangzhou Four Leaf Management Co., Ltd.  PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  TOWARD A MODERATELY   BOOST ECONOMIC

              【Innovation in Mobile Internet Self-Service】                                                          TRANSFORMATION AND UPGRADING

                 In 2019, the Anhui Branch developed and launched three functional modules of mobile Internet self-service – "Check by one-click", "Quick
               troubleshooting" and "Rich media guide", bringing new experience of smart self-service to users.

               New Experience of Mobile Internet Self-Service by Anhui Branch

                                 The 10000 APP, WeChat, SMS push and other channels are used for customers to make inquiries on account status
                   Check by one-  and data related to Internet surfing, voice and SMS usage with one-click free of authentication, capable of locating
                                 problems within 8 seconds and restoring user data within 2 seconds

                                 Focus on five challenge scenarios - VoLTE, Internet access, signal, voice and SMS - with embedded smart diagnosis for
                   troubleshooting  advance handling to realize self-troubleshooting of simple issues and direct access to receptionists for complex issues,
                                 in which all processing progresses can be checked and displayed transparently

                    Rich media   Focus on hot issues that users are concerned about, push active services, and produce tutoring videos for
                      guide      self-service on mobile terminals to reduce problems from their source

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  41
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