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            Drive Industry Upgrading

             China Telecom actively enhances communication with various industries to further understand customers' needs for new-generation
            ICTs and applications while giving full play to its own advantages in multi-faceted cooperation at different levels in varied forms to promote
            industrial upgrading.

            Examples of Expanding Cooperation for Industry Transformation in 2019

                       Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Inspur Group on cooperation in the field of smart city, cloud computing, cloud service,
                       big data, quality chain, Internet of Things, etc., to create secure and reliable cloud services and products

                       Worked with the Ministry of Education and launched the "E-Surfing in Digital Campus for School Connectivity" action as a series of
               March   measures to empower education to promote "Gigabit connection in schools and 100-Mega in classes" and support the development
                       of "Internet+education"

                       Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. on in-depth business cooperation
                       in artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, smart home, etc.

                       At the "2019 World Conference on Ultra HD Video (4K/8K) Industry" co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information
                       Technology, the National Radio and Television Administration, China Media Group and the People's Government of Guangdong
                       Province, typical applications of industry video were shown to demonstrate support to build the Guangdong "Pilot Zone for Ultra HD
                       Video Industry"

                       Released "China Telecom White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Development" at the Mobile World Congress to elaborate on its vision,
               June    top-level design and major measures to develop AI technology and promote the AI industry by working with partners in building an AI

                       Held the DICT (Digital ICT) Application Ecosystem Forum to promote the establishment of an ecosystem with equipment vendors,
             September  cloud service providers and industry application service providers, during which agreements were signed with 36 partners on
                       integrated and innovative products

                       Joined hands with healthcare software service providers such as Mediway and Senyint to complete compatibility testing and
             December  certification with e Cloud to support the healthcare industry to migrate to the cloud and provide customers with convenient, efficient
                       and comprehensive information service featuring one-stop "cloud+application"

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