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Support Traditional Industries to Upgrade

              【Support to Build Smart Modern Agriculture】

                 Karamay in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is a city with vast clusters of arable land. Despite of little precipitation, the city has great potential for
               smart agriculture relying on underground water supply systems, drip irrigation and other technologies. Driven by a complete industrial chain of corn planting,
               Senhe Smart Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. aims to become a local farming leader by building a demonstration cluster of high-tech, intelligent and large-
               scale modern agricultural industry. After a thorough understanding of Senhe's needs, CT's Karamay Branch supported it with the implementation of "ICT
               Solution to Smart Agriculture" in 2019; by the end of that year, the Branch provided support to complete a testing of 1,000 mu in the first phase of the pilot
               project, realized planning throughout the industrial chain – before, during and after core production – and a substantial increase in productivity as well as a
               significant reduction in production cost, raising the yield per mu by 20%.

               Examples of ICT Solution to Smart Agriculture Supported by China Telecom

                Name of System  Function
                              ?Enable time setting and quantitative estimate of
                Smart Water and   fertilizer use with different options, and precisely
                Fertilizer Control   release liquid fertilizers through remote PC
                              ?Perceive the amount of liquid fertilizers in the
                Smart Fertilizer   tank with remote, smart management of statistics
                Tank           related to the in-flow, use and storage of liquid
                              ?Observe crop growth at any time and make
                IoT-based Remote   preliminary judgments on crop pest situation
                Monitoring System  to enable experts to remotely guide field
                                                               IoT-based remote monitoring system in the ICT solution to smart agriculture
                Smart Water Valve                              by Senhe Smart Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.
                with Remote   ?Realize precise remote control of irrigation valve
                              ?Formulate targeted prevention and control plans                                    PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  TOWARD A MODERATELY   BOOST ECONOMIC
                               based on pest situation map & data and send   China Telecom's ICT solutions act like a pair of smart wings to traditional
                Drone Operation   instructions through cloud platform for drones   agriculture and help my dreams to take off.  TRANSFORMATION AND UPGRADING
                for Crop Protection
                               nearby to perform comprehensive prevention and   ——Shen Hongbing, General Manager, Senhe Smart Agriculture Technology
                               control tasks in real time
                                                                                                        Co., Ltd.

              【Support to Digitalization of Featured Agriculture】

                 Dried tangerine peel (chenpi) produced in Xinhui, Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province is a well-known agricultural specialty product and those "aged for
               one hundred years are as precious as thousand-year old ginseng". In order to help the development of Xinhui Chenpi Industry Park, the Jiangmen Branch
               provided support by building the "Big Data Platform for Smart Agriculture in National Modern Agricultural Industry Park of Xinhui Chenpi". The platform
               digitizes Xinhui's chenpi industry, helps local government and associations use data to fully understand current industry situation, accurately calculates and
               monitors industrial indicators such as planting intention, yield forecast, pest/plant disease development trends and cost efficiency. Moreover, it can apply
               big data to the supervision of the entire industrial chain to effectively protect the public brand of "Xinhui Chenpi". As of the end of 2019, more than 6,700
               companies had registered on the platform, achieving a brand value of 12.6 billion yuan.

                 The Xinhui Chenpi Industry Park cooperated with China Telecom in the smart agricultural big data project and built a digital platform for precision-based planting,
               saving over 50% of water, 60% of fertilizers and 50% of pesticides with traceability across all processes.
                 ——Excerpt from a presentation by Ye Zhenqin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong CPC Committee, at a forum during the China International
                                                                                   Agricultural Trade Fair on November 15, 2019

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