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Support to Integrated Development of Industrial Clusters

           【Support to Digitalization of Amination Production】

              Original Force Animation Production Corporation in Jiangsu (hereinafter referred to as Original Force) is a large-scale, digital entertainment content
            provider with a wide range of services to global film and gaming industries. With the rapid development of the animation market, animation production
            materials have exploded with geometrical growth. Original Force thus subtracted its orders to downstream partner businesses, strengthened subcontracting
            cooperation and provided necessary production assistance to SMEs. In response to Original Force's needs in development and external collaboration,
            China Telecom offered cloud-network-integrated ICT solutions that combined cloud-based storage, rendering, office work and collaboration for high-level
            digitalized production and management which helped drive digitalization among downstream SMEs, facilitating integrated development of large, middle and
            small enterprises in the digital entertainment industry.

             Problems Faced by Original Force   Services Provided by China Telecom  Results
                                                                                ?Routine design and office work can be
                        ?Quickly growing number of   ?Migrate data to the cloud and provide large-  done online
                         animation materials imposes high   capacity e Cloud storage with supportive services
             Storage     pressure on local storage and                          ?Data storage cost reduced
                         disaster recovery in local computer   ?Provide dedicated, high-speed data transmission
                         rooms                    line with 24-hour online technical support  ?Service pressure on original platform

                        ?Local rendering takes too much
                         time and host expenditure becomes   ?Provide cloud GPU host with high configuration  ?Project cycle shortened and cost of time
                         heavy due to constantly increasing                       lowered
             Rendering                          ?Deploy Gigabit dedicated line featuring cloud-
                         requirements on equipment   network integration to provide a high-speed,   ?Reduced financial pressure on self-
                         configuration for better rendering   secure and stable rendering environment  purchased host

                                                ?Implement integrated cloud migration and intensive
                                                  management targeting both the headquarters and
                                                  branch offices, and provide employees with cloud   ?Each branch office can easily access
                        ?Office and production systems are   workstations         resources on the cloud
             Office Work
                         segmented and inefficient                              ?Office work can be done anytime
                                                ?Build new production platform on the cloud to   anywhere, improving work efficiency
                                                  synchronize modification to local resources with
                                                  those on the cloud
                                                ?Original Force's production platform provides   ?Resources along the industry chain are
                        ?Production systems and data   cloud desktops to downstream businesses and   interconnected so that downstream
                         information are deployed
             Collaboration                        personnel under project outsourcing so that   businesses no longer build their complete
                         independently by each partner,   they can directly access materials via cloud for   production systems, reducing labor and
                         inconvenient for overall collaboration
                                                  production                      time costs

                                                              I never expected that China Telecom could provide such in-depth services
                                                             to a private company like ours...After seeing China Telecom's unique cloud-
                                                             network integration, we had no hesitation in deciding to gradually move all our
                                                             services to China Telecom's cloud platform.
                                                               -- Zhao Rui, Chairman of Original Force Animation Production Co., Ltd.

            On August 9, 2019, the Nanjing Branch in Jiangsu Province signed an
            agreement with Original Force Animation Production Co., Ltd. on e Cloud
            host/GPU cooperation

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