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【Support to Smart "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" for Businesses in Industry Park】

                 Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in Anhui Province is a national-level development zone hosting over 7,000 enterprises of
               various types and has nurtured such pillar industries as smart home appliances, electronic & information, automobile & advanced equipment manufacturing,
               and green food. It is one of the key demonstration bases supported by China Telecom for "entrepreneurship and innovation". Since 2019, China Telecom
               has leveraged its advantages in network and e Cloud to support businesses in the park campus to realize smart "entrepreneurship & innovation".

               China Telecom Action to Support Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone for Smart
               "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and Results

                Area            Actions and Results
                                ?Fiber coverage in the campus to upgrade dedicated lines and broadband connectivity to over 100Mbps, and to provide Gigabit
                                  access to the Internet
                Fundamental Network
                                ?Mobile communication to secure high-speed wireless connectivity
                                ?Full coverage of NB-IoT network, capable of providing access to tens of millions of terminal device

                Cloud-enabled   ?Build cloud computing center and cloud computing platform in the Zone to provide businesses with cloud host, cloud desktop,
                Upgrading         cloud storage and other services
                Service for     ?Support to the establishment of service platform for entrepreneurship & innovation and to the command center to realize
                Entrepreneurship &   centralized management and use of all kinds of comprehensive information and data, improving campus management
                Innovation        efficiency and brand image

                 China Telecom's ICT services provide businesses in the campus with efficient and convenient production and operation management approaches
               and environment for R&D and innovation, reduce the cost of businesses and related industries, and support the development of upstream and
               downstream MSMEs. In the YAIR campus, once the smart monitoring system by China Telecom was put in operation, employees could check
               campus situation on their mobile phones, saving money, manpower and material resources. In Anhui Konka Electronic Corporation Limited, NB-IoT
               technology was applied to remote monitoring of product parameters and status and product fault information was sent back in real time, making the
               optimization of product quality and design more convenient.

                 There are several factories in our campus which usually took a few hours to check on the spot. With cloud-based smart monitoring system, now we can perform
               routine checks on our mobile phone anytime and anywhere. It is really much more efficient.         PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  BOOST ECONOMIC
                                                                        --Cheng Guowen, Deputy Director for ICT, YAIR Corporation  TOWARD A MODERATELY   TRANSFORMATION AND UPGRADING

               Support to Innovation in Industry Management Models

              【Support to National Veterinary Drug Regulation】

                 In 2019, China Telecom supported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the third phase of the National Veterinary Drug Traceability
               Platform. The platform pools national veterinary drug regulation resources, connects veterinary drug review, inspection & testing, supervision &
               examination and other services, and integrates provincial veterinary drug regulation platform to further standardize and promote traceability of
               veterinary drug production and operation; helps breeders participating in the pilot to reduce antimicrobial drug use to enable traceability during the
               application process as an approach to "vaccine administration before subsidy" and zero growth of antibacterial drugs, forming a closed traceability
               loop. Meanwhile, the e Cloud enables real-time database backup and separated data access and writing to ensure information security of the
               traceability system, enhance service stability and improve data service efficiency.

               Effectiveness of the National Veterinary Drug Traceability Platform (by the end of 2019)

                                    %                               %                               %
                  Percentage of producing companies   Percentage of operating companies   Percentage of regulators nationwide
                    nationwide with network access  nationwide with network access      with network access

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