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【Support to Smart Campus Management】
              Tongxin County in Wuzhong City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is a poverty-stricken area. The Tongxin Industrial Park under construction focuses
            on the development of featured agricultural and sideline product processing, oil and gas, chemical and coal chemical industries. Industry-specific campuses
            in the park are segmented and there is urgent need to apply ICTs to improve management and service. In 2019, the Wuzhong Branch took advantage of
            its network and cloud computing resources and integrated big data and IoT applications to support the building of an integrated management information
            platform. After that, park planning and construction, production safety, environmental monitoring, scheduling and commanding, investment attraction
            and routine management could be done in a digitalized, smart manner. By doing so, China Telecom supported the implementation of new development
            philosophy and accelerated the transformation and development of regional economy. By the end of the year, 71 enterprises settled in the park, with an
            annual output of 4.1 billion yuan.

            Modules of Integrated Management Information Platform of Tongxin Industrial Park

                 Comprehensive                          Big Data                            Environment
                                     Data Center                       Safety Monitoring
                  Service Portal                        Analysis                            Monitoring

                                  Asset Management                                        Smart CPC Team
                Video Conference                      Integrated OA     Investor Service

            Support to Upgrading of Financial Service Industry

           【Promote Financial Inclusion】

              China Telecom actively promotes BestPay product series and expands services for public convenience in diverse scenarios such as supermarkets,
            catering and entertainment, transportation, e-commerce and payment of utility and communication bills to bring inclusive finance into people's daily

              In 2019, the Ningxia Branch strengthened collaboration with supermarkets for joint marketing through online and offline sales channels, achieving two-
            way customer recruitment across different brands. It also enhanced support to merchants in aggregated payment technology and marketing resources so
            that physical stores could provide BestPay financial service. By the end of the year, BestPay pooled together 14,000 merchants with an annual transaction
            volume of 194 million yuan, or 20% year-on-year increase.
              In 2019, the Xinjiang Branch pooled together online and offline merchants, financial institutions, channel providers, technology providers, data service
            providers and other businesses in multiple forms including partnerships, alliances and franchising to promote the development of BestPay ecosystem for
            inclusive finance. By the end of the year, the BestPay ecosystem had aligned 62,000 merchants, serving more than 15 million BestPay users with an annual
            transaction volume at 1.79 billion yuan, or a year-on-year increase of 60%.

                                                              BestPay enables resource sharing between customers of both parties. It's a
                                                             convenient, easy and affordable service that are widely recognized by consumers
                                                             and is a win-win-win for PetroChina, China Telecom and customers.
                                                                    --Zhang Liangwen, Xinjiang Branch of China National Petroleum

                                                              Mobile payment not only changes consumption patterns, but also gradually
                                                             transforms business models of various industries.
                                                                                --Xun Zhijian, Xinjiang Institute of Finance
            On January 26, 2019, China Telecom Xinjiang Branch signed a contract with
            its BestPay ecosystem partner

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