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BestPay Co., Ltd. continues to promote "Orange Installment" business
               to expand financial services to small and micro merchants. In 2019,
               "Orange Installment" covered 230,000 stores and served more than 13
               million users with an annual transaction volume at 7.5 billion yuan and a
               year-on-year increase of 152%. After the launch of "Orange Installment"
               in 2019, the Tibet Branch witnessed a growth in mobile phone sales and
               wide acceptance by local service halls. By the end of the year, the "Orange
               Installment" covered 570 stores with 43,000 transactions throughout the
               year, generating a transaction volume of more than 46 million yuan.

                                                               In the golden autumn season of 2019, residents of Changdu, Tibet
                                                               Autonomous Region applied for "Orange Installment" at local service halls
              【Support to Financial Companies】
                 China Telecom supports financial companies to improve ICT adoption so as to provide better services to MSMEs.

                 At the end of 2018, the Qinzhou Branch in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region cooperated with Municipal Finance Office and the Bank of China to
               build a government-bank-business financing information service platform to align financing needs of businesses with banks and solve financing availability
               and affordability concerns of SMEs. As of the end of 2019, a total of 789 companies registered as platform users, of which 658 applied for financing through
               the platform and 557 applications were approved with the amount totaling 5 billion yuan.
                 Since the launch of the platform, SMEs like us can publish financing demands via the platform to solve the problems of financing availability and affordability.
                                                          --Yu Xianbin, Deputy General Manager, Guangxi Qinzhou Nanfang Computer Co., Ltd.

                 In order to promote healthy development of wealth management business, China Minsheng Bank intends to monitor the overall call-out performance of its
               wealth management team through an information system in order to check the capabilities and business skills of its staff, verify the authenticity of telephone
               communication by the wealth management team, and avoid disclosure of customers' phone numbers. Drawing upon its capabilities of intelligent voice
               cloud service, China Telecom provides comprehensive services such as work phone number, phone recording, mark-free service and flash SMS message
               to wealth managers, small and micro banks, private banking and other business channels for Minsheng Bank to better perform wealth management service.

                 With China Telecom's work phone number and supportive services, it's possible to have internal supervision and management of telemarketing, which facilitates
               quality improvement for communication and marketing by wealth managers.
                                                           --Wang Peipei, Project Manager, Personal Finance Department, China Minsheng Bank  BOOST ECONOMIC

               Facilitate Undertakings for Public Well-being                                                      PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  TOWARD A MODERATELY   TRANSFORMATION AND UPGRADING

                China Telecom dives further to better understand the needs to develop undertakings for public well-being in a moderately prosperous
               society, actively supports government to deepen "Internet+government service" to improve public management and service levels, helps
               local smart security projects, "Internet+education" for greater adoption, smart communities, develops smart elderly care, innovates smart
               home products and services, and helps the whole society realize secure and convenient public services featuring mutual assistance,
               harmony, sharing and hapiness.

               Support to Smart Governance

              【Support to Government Migration to Cloud】
                 In 2019, the Anhui Branch assisted the provincial and local governments to implement "government cloud", undertook 28 customer cloud projects at
               provincial and department level, built government cloud in 22 cities/counties, and supported 149 government bodies at municipal, county, committee, office
               and bureau level to migrate to the cloud. In these programs, the advantages of cloud-network integration and e Cloud information security were fully utilized
               to ensure timely prevention and controllable system security, which effectively saved the operating expenditure of the government information system.
               Once government services were migrated to the cloud, citizens could enjoy more convenient public services "instead of applying to different agencies on
                 It's very convenient to complete procedures when your kid is going to preliminary school after kindergarten. All things can be done on your mobile phone. No need
               to line up. And you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring any material.

                                                                    --Zhang Ming, resident in Wuhu County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  47
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