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Promote Green Office

                China Telecom actively advocates and promotes water conservation and paper conservation. Strengthen the management of the use
               of water resources, actively promote the popularization of water-saving appliances, carry out sewage discharge treatment, promote the
               recycling of production water, and actively use reclaimed water to replace tap water under the conditions of meeting water requirements.
               Actively take measures to reduce the use of paper in terms of technology and systems. In 2019, we continued to promote the electronic
               management of accounting files, electronic ordinary VAT invoices, electronic bills and paperless business, and comprehensively promoted
               the electronic reimbursement of electronic invoices and the automation of tax declaration. The promotion of VAT electronic ordinary invoices
               was praised by the State Administration of Taxation, and won the second-class achievement award of the 15th Enterprise Management
               Modernization Innovation in the communications industry. The practice of electronic invoice reimbursement, recording and archiving is
               the first batch of pilot units in the country to promote electronic invoices and electronic archives, and successfully passed the acceptance
               inspections by the National Archives, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and other relevant ministries and commissions.

              【Issuance of E-Invoice on Mobile Phone】
                 With the support of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, the Zaozhuang Branch of Shandong Province implemented the task of "issuing electronic invoices
               by mobile phones for agents" in 2019. Through the establishment of a commission and invoice push system for agents, the collection of tax information,
               the verification of tax invoices, tax declaration, as well as reimbursement and payment have been connected, and agents have changed from issuing paper
               invoices to the tax authorities to directly issuing electronic invoices through registered mobile phones, which not only achieves paperlessness, but also
               improves efficiency.

                 Using the commission and invoice push system eliminates the need to go to the tax bureau and telecommunications companies to submit invoices back and forth, and
               I feel the convenience brought by informatization.
                                          --Zhao Xinru, an agent of the 18th Senior High School Area, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province

               Promote Green Applications

              【Support to Smart Water Management】
                 The Hangzhou Branch of Zhejiang Province supported the implementation of the smart water management project in Xihu District in 2019, using
               emerging technologies and methods such as smart sensing, Internet of Things, geographic information, animation simulation, satellite remote sensing, etc.
               to build an omnidirectionally interconnected and coordinated effective water environment governance system to realize the "intelligence of infrastructure",
               "automation of data collection", "high efficiency of supervision and maintenance", "refined urban management" and "scientific command and dispatch" of   PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  BOOST ECONOMIC
               water control in Xihu District, significantly improving the efficiency of urban water control and environmental protection.  TOWARD A MODERATELY   TRANSFORMATION AND UPGRADING

               Brief Introduction to Functions of Smart Water Management System of Xihu District of Hangzhou

                   ?Realize visual control of urban management base map, flood prevention situation, drainage pipe network, river network & water
                     system, actual landscape survey, emergency defense, etc., making comprehensive analysis and service decision-making more
                   ?Real-time grasp of the work trajectory of the maintenance unit and the maintenance and illegal problems found in the
                     inspection, combined with big data analysis, accurately guide the prevention and investigation of problems
                   ?Cooperate with relevant departments of urban management, supervision and law enforcement to establish a coordinated
                     supervision mechanism to deal with water incidents immediately
                   ?Realize the visualization and full monitoring of flood prevention emergency plan, command and dispatch, and assist the
                     research and judgment of emergency situation and rescue dispatch plan

                 The project has effectively promoted the smart, unmanned and refined transformation of water control work in Xihu District, and established a good model for

                                         --Zhang Wei, Deputy Director of the Urban Management Bureau of Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  55
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