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In Shufu County, Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
            Telecom focused on solving outstanding problems such as "worry-free in
            two aspects with three guarantees", and implemented human settlement
            improvement projects in 13 poor villages to solve housing and drinking
            water safety issues. In accordance with the principle of "one policy for one
            household", comprehensive renovation around the house was launched,
            farmers were guided to demolish and transform earthen sleeping beds and
            houses, and rationally design their courtyard layout based on the separation
            of living, planting and breeding areas, effectively expanding courtyard
            space utilization for courtyard economy and benefiting more than 1,800
            households and 7,100 people living in poverty. The local Muyage apricot
            industry, known as the "king of Chinese apricots", began to take shape.
            After China Telecom built the original apricot natual drying plant in 2018,
            it signed an order and sales contract in 2019 with Kashgar Jiangguoguo
            Agricultural Technology to use and other online sales platforms to
            sell local high-quality dried apricots to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and
            other places, helping local residents increase their income. The Muyage
            apricot "known to nobody" in the past has become a pillar industry to
            secure stable income growth as the e-commerce poverty alleviation moves
            towards a broader market.                        On July 6, 2019, Abdukremu Toheti, a Muyage apricot grower in Shufu
                                                             County, held fresh apricots in his hands and enjoyed the joy of harvest
              The apricots I grew used to be dried on the roof and in the courtyard and the quality was not good. Now, the drying plant constructed by China Telecom is provided
            for free for us to use. The quality of dried apricots has improved and this year I sold them for more than 10,000 yuan. I am so happy!
                                                                      --Abdukremu Toheti, Muyage apricot grower in Shufu County
              In Banbar County, Tibet Autonomous Region, in response to poor   In Jiuzhi County, Qinghai Province, China Telecom has built a 32-
            people's difficulty in seeing a doctor, China Telecom built a comprehensive   mu comprehensive industry base featuring organic fertilizer production
            central health center in Lazi Township at an altitude of 4,200 meters. It has   workshop, fermentation workshop and supporting infrastructure. The
            a maternal and child health care department, an immunization department,   project uses livestock manure and biogas residue to process organic
            a pharmacy, a treatment room, a delivery room, a medicine warehouse,   fertilizers, which solves the environmental pollution problem caused by solid
            microwave therapy machine, B-ultrasound and other medical equipment.   wastes such as farm manure, turns excess cow manure into "treasure" for
            Clinics were set up in 12 administrative villages in the township, which   planting flowers, fruits, vegetables and food, and provides guarantee for the
            solved the problem of health care accessibility for more than 4,000 local   sustainable development of the farm. The project's annual output of organic
            residents so that residents "don't have to go outside their villages to see   fertilizer is about 30,000 tons, benefiting more than 1,500 poor households,
            doctors for minor diseases".                     with the average household income expected to increase by over 1,600

            The Central Health Center in Lazi Township, Banbar County built with the   Jiuzhi Organic Fertilizer Industry Demonstration Base supported by China
            assistance from China Telecom                    Telecom

            Support to Local Poverty Alleviation

             While strengthening assistance to "4+2" poverty-alleviation counties, China Telecom also actively undertakes assistance tasks in 132
            counties and 1,204 villages designated by governments at all levels, and strives to help poor households in local poor villages get rid of

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