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Selected China Telecom Industrial Cultural Heritage of the ICT Industry

                  Hankou Telegraph Bureau  Site of Nanjing Telecom Bureau

                                        Site of Yongning Telegraph Bureau
                  Shanghai Telecom Museum

                                          Kunming International Radio
                 Hangzhou Telecom Exhibition
                                           Branch of the Ministry of
                Former site of Chongqing Radio   Kushui Site of Hami Transmission
                     Telephone Station          Branch

                                            Sichuan International
                  Xi'an Newspaper Building
                                               Radio Site
                                                               The picture shows the plate issued to Shanghai Telecom Museum. The
                                                               museum's rich historical materials and physical objects show the history of
                                                               Shanghai's telecommunications industry for more than 100 years, reflecting
                   Lhasa Telecom Building
                                                               the changes and development of telecommunications productivity. China
                                                               Telecom meticulously protects them and gives play to its cultural function and
                                                               social value
              【Support to Developing Science and Education】

               On January 30, 2019, the Hainan Branch cooperated with Hainan Association   The Xining Branch of Qinghai Province cooperated with Qinghai Industrial
               for Science and Technology to launch a "China Science Communication"   Vocational and Technical School to implement the enterprise-school "dual
               column on the IPTV platform, covering 1.21 million users across the province,   teacher and apprenticeship" system, select technical backbones to teach in
               to disseminate popular science knowledge in a new way  the school, and lead students in their internships. The picture shows students
                                                               of Qinghai Industrial Vocational and Technical School were learning the   PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  IN A MODERATELY
                                                               process of how to open fiber broadband services at the Network Operation   CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT   SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
                                                               and Maintenance Center of the Xining Branch on October 17, 2019

               Promote Social Virtues

              【Blood Donation】
                  China Telecom's companies and branches at all levels actively organize voluntary blood donation activities. In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,
               the Nanning Branch has organized blood donation activities for nearly 10 years. A total of 488 people participated, and the total amount of blood donation
               reached more than 150,000 ml. In Jiangsu Province, employees from branches in Suzhou, Nantong, Lianyungang, and Yancheng actively participated in
               voluntary blood donation. In Henan Province, the Shangqiu Branch organized 33 staff to participate in the voluntary blood donation in the "Show Love and
               Care with E-surfing" campaign on May 17, 2019.

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  65
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