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Facilitate Employee Development

                In 2019, China Telecom strengthened capacity building for its management teams and promoted younger talents to higher positions;
               pushed forward the "talent-driven enterprise building" project, and enhanced the training of the expert talent team to support
               transformation; continued to strengthen employee training through various forms of competitions for employees to improve and
               demonstrate their skills.

               Main Results in 2019 of Encouraging Employee Development

                  Built employee innovation workstations  innovation workstations were named
                                                "Innovation Workstations by Model Workers
                                                   and Skilled Talents" by China Trade   innovative achievements were
                                                 Union of National Defense and Post and   commended and promoted

                    employees won national honors  employees won provincial and ministerial
                    people including Xu Jun from the Shanghai Branch and Qiang Ningjian and Tian Ning from   employees were selected as Group-
                    the Jiangsu Branch were awarded as "Top 100 Outstanding Professionals of Central SOEs"   level experts
                    by SASAC of the State Council

               Major Actions Taken to Promote Employee Development in 2019

                Target          Main Actions

                                ? Implemented the standards for good cadres in the new era, improved the cadre work system of quality training, knowledge,
                                  selection and appointment, strict management, and positive incentives, and built a loyal, clean and responsible team of
                                  high-quality professional managers
                                ?Strengthened the capacity building of outstanding young managers at all levels, improved and optimized the pool of
                                  outstanding young managers, enhanced training for and preference of young managers in selections, and strengthened
                                  evaluation, supervision and dynamic management

                                ?Implemented the "Top 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Experts and Talents Project", and employed 1 China Telecom scientist, 8 chief
                                  experts and more than 800 senior experts to promote the capacity building of provincial-level branch expert teams
                                ?Intensified the training of talents at different levels, carried out high-end talent training schemes, accelerated the training of
                Professional talents  leading talents in 5G, cloud computing, big data, etc., launched the knowledge update program for experts and talents, and   IN A MODERATELY
                                  strengthened the training of young talents                                      PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
                                ?Innovated talent selection and retention mechanism, supported the Company's key projects with mechanisms such as the   CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT
                                  "talent zone", "talent workstation" and "talent cloud" platforms to provide a stage for talents to make contributions

                                ?Revised the "China Telecom Employee Honor System" and strengthened incentives for small CEOs at the grassroots level and
                                  employees to encourage their enthusiasm and abilities
                                ?Organized various forms of technique competitions, skill competitions and knowledge contests, gave full play to the role of
                Ordinary employees  innovation workstations, encouraged employees to innovate based on their responsibilities, and promoted the spirit of model
                                  workers and craftsmenship
                                ?Implemented targeted training courses for capacity improvement according to the needs of employees at different levels and

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  67
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