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【Patents from Five-Year Exploration】
              The wireless maintenance team of the Tianjin Branch's network monitoring center often encounters complaints about unstable mobile communication
            signals and unsatisfactory network speeds in their daily work. After repeated investigations, the team found that the traditional measurement method used
            to measure the antenna angle in the high magnetic area was not accurate, resulting in significant errors; moreover, the technicians had to frequently climb
            up base stations for commissioning, which caused high security risks and high costs.

               In order to quickly adjust the angle of the base station antenna, it is necessary to collect a large amount of data, establish an accurate antenna angle
            data file, and obtain the best angle through simulation. Since 2014, the wireless maintenance team has used their spare time to carry out special research
            while completing its own work, and had explored a set of "data-based" and "systematic" antenna direction angle measurement methods, so that the
            consistency ratio between actual and planned antenna angle in a high magnetic environment was increased from the previous 23% to 99%, serving as a
            more accurate tool for optimizing the antenna angle. In November 2019, the research results of the "antenna direction angle measurement method and
            device" proposed by the wireless maintenance team passed the review and authorization for national invention patents and was promoted nationwide.

            On November 5-7, 2019, the Group Company held the Fifth "i-Innovation"   On April 25, 2019, the Nantong Branch of Jiangsu Province held a salon
            Black Horse Competition & the Final Contest for the First Youth Innovation   under the theme of endeavoring youth. Branch company leaders, outstanding
            and Creativity Competition. Representatives from Shaanxi, Jiangsu,   small CEOs and technical experts communicated face-to-face with more than
            Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Beijing and other provincial branches won   50 new employees to brain storm and talked about future growth
            First Prizes in 7 disciplines including 5G and cloud network integration

            Employee Engagement in Management

             China Telecom respects and actively implements the employees' right to know, participate and supervise, unblocks employees' appeal
            channels, puts into practice democratic management systems such as workers' congress and open factory affairs, and encourages
            employees to participate in corporate management. In 2019, employees' knowledge of appeal channels reached 92%, timely feedback of
            employee appeals reached 96%, and perception of employees care by trade unions reached 97%.

            Outline of Employee Participation in Corporate Management through Staff Representative Conference

             Indicator              Unit                   2017               2018               2019
             Proposals from employee   Piece               1,353              2,108              1,956

             Training for employee   Time                   59                  64                 55

           【Proposals from Employee Representatives Produce Practical Results】
              In 2019, in accordance with the requirements of the Group Company's Notice on Soliciting Proposals from Employee Representatives of the Group
            Company, the Tibet Branch conducted in-depth investigations in combination with work deployment and hot and difficult issues that employees were
            concerned about, and submitted the Proposal Regarding the Deployment of Oxygen-Generating Equipment for Branches at High Altitude.

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