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Problem                                       Suggestion

                        The Tibet Branch has 71 county branches       To further improve the working and living
                        and teams located at an altitude of more      conditions of employees in high-altitude areas,
                        than 3,500 meters. The number of front-line   and uniformly build oxygen supply facilities in
                        employees who stay committed to service in    offices, dormitories, and employee homes in
                        high altitude areas and suffer from altitude   high-altitude areas to alleviate the difficulties of
                        sickness due to chronic cold and hypoxia      employees in high altitude and hypoxia.

                 After in-depth investigation, the Group Company's trade union coordinated and allocated 22 million yuan to build oxygen supply facilities for 110
               grassroots branches located 3,500 meters above sea level in Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces (autonomous regions), which
               were praised by local employees. The proposal was rated as one of the "Top 100 Employee Representative Proposals" by the National Factory Affairs
               Disclosure Coordination Group and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions as a result of accurate topic selection, focused content, dedicated discussion
               on each topic, and completeness.

                 The Group Company equipped operations at high altitude with oxygen production equipment. It's a strong support and guarantee for the work and life of front-line
               employees and we are very excited and moved by this decision.
                                                       --Qionda Tsering, employee of Damxung County Branch in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region

               Care about Employees' Life

                Operations at all levels combine the demands of their employees to continuously improve working and living conditions, provide mental
               health assistance, enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, help needy employees and special groups, and demonstrate care for retired

               Improve Working and Living Conditions at Grassroots Level

                 In 2019, China Telecom further improved the dining, entertainment and rest conditions of frontline employees at the grassroots level, built
               more than 1,700 "small facilities in four types" (small canteens, small bathrooms, small toilets and small activity rooms), while enhanced and
               upgraded more than 4,400 old ones. The Group Company held the fifth "Book-Loving Family" writing activity and the "Rereading Classics
               to Better Understand China" reading activity, collecting more than 2,700 video works from employees showing reflections after reading

              【Work-from-Home Seats for the Benefit of Female Employees】
                 There are more than 700 female employees in the customer service
               center of the Anhui Branch. Since the office is far from the main urban area,
               there are many inconveniences in the work and life of female employees                             PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  IN A MODERATELY
               during pregnancy and lactation. Since June 2017, the Anhui Branch                                    CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT   SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
               opened work-from-home seats for female employees in special periods,
               and then gradually expanded to women employees living far away from
               office, having limited mobility, or having no one to look after their children.
               The work-from-home seat establishes a secure connection with the internal
               operating system of the Anhui Branch through virtual private network (VPN),
               and uses a firewall to control access to internal and external networks,
               which not only guarantees high-quality customer service, but also solves
               the actual difficulties of female employees. By the end of the year, 251
               employees had applied and used work-from-home seats, with the service
               volume accounting for 25% of the total, and 98.5% of user satisfaction,   On October 25, 2019,  Jiang Shenfang, a customer service center employee
               more or less the same as on-site seats.         of the Anhui Branch served customers through a work-from-home seat

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  69
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