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The Aksu Branch in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region repaired 47 staff   The Guilin Branch in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region distributed books
            dormitories, 9 staff canteens, and 5 office toilets in 2019. The picture shows   to grassroots staff in 2019, and hold reading contests and other activities
            the staff dormitory after renovation             from time to time to create a cultural atmosphere of "book-loving branch"

            On September 21, 2019, the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Branch   On January 11, 2019, the Sichuan Branch held the first employee canteen
            in Jilin Province held a fun sports meeting for employees under the theme of   cooking competition under the theme of "Better food for employees", and 26
            "Release Passion and Challenge Yourself"         participating teams demonstrated their culinary skills on site

            Strengthen Safety and Health Management

             China Telecom conscientiously implements the Production Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, fulfills the main player
            responsibility, establishes a sound accountability system, implements safety responsibilities at all levels, strictly evaluates production safety,
            and continuously strengthens the foundation for production safety management. We continue to carry out production safety supervision and
            inspection of all units and disciplines, and timely rectify and correct hidden dangers. We organize extensive training and awareness activities
            related to production safety regulations and safety knowledge, and continuously improve employees' safety awareness and emergency
            response skills. We strengthen the safety management of engineering projects, strictly implement the certification system for special
            operations personnel, and improve emergency plans and drills. In 2019, there were no serious production safety accidents or at higher levels,
            the death rate per one thousand employees was 0, and the grievous injury rate per one thousand employees was also 0.

             The Company earnestly implements occupational health management system, regularly organizes the supervision and inspection of the
            employees' work sites, and urges the design and construction units to design and install in accordance with indoor light illuminance, noise,
            temperature and humidity and other standards; we continue to improve the working environment and conditions of employees, effectively
            preventing occupational diseases. We conduct inspections of the work site from time to time, urge employers to distribute necessary labor
            protection products to employees in accordance with regulations and standards, and request employees to wear and use them correctly.
            We provide free physical examinations to all employees every year, with a coverage rate of 100%. We actively help employees relieve stress,
            and continue to provide employee mental health consultation and assistance. In 2019, the Company conducted more than 200 health

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