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Care and Help for Employees

                Leaders of the Group Company and branches at all levels make normalized visits to show support to the front-line employees, employees
               with difficulties, and outstanding model employees. During the Spring Festival Eve in 2019, the Group Company paid visits to over 90,000
               front-line staff on duty to secure services. In 2019, the trade union of the Group Company granted support funds to branches in 14
               provinces, including Sichuan and Zhejiang, which suffered earthquakes, typhoons, floods and other natural disasters to show its care for
               disaster-stricken families and front-line employees who devoted in earthquake relief and emergency communications support.

               On July 8, 2019, the trade union of the Jiangsu Branch opened a summer day   The Jiangxi Branch established an employee home visit system in 2019.
               care program for employees' children in the office building of the provincial   Executives at all levels listened to the opinions and suggestions of employees'
               branch to help employees in need to solve their headaches in taking care   family members during their visits to help solve practical difficulties. The
               of their children during summer vacation, and provided diverse activities to   picture shows Luo Jiufa (first from right), Deputy General Manager of the
               enrich the summer life of employees' children   Xinyu Branch, in his employee home visit on August 5

               Stringent Compliance Management

                China Telecom insists on operation with integrity and legal compliance, and continues to strengthen audit supervision, Party discipline,
               clean governance and social responsibility management to ensure its sustainable and healthy development.

               Promote the Rule of Law

                China Telecom conscientiously implements the central
               government's strategic deployment of comprehensive rule of
               law, deepens the implementation of requirements from SASAC
               of the State Council on legal compliance by central SOEs, and                                       IN A MODERATELY
               promotes the main player responsibility of key management teams                                    PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
               of companies/branches at all levels to promote corporate legal                                       CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT
               compliance for operation under the rule of law and regulated
               management. In 2019, in combination with changes in business
               operation, China Telecom continued to improve systems for internal
               control, audit supervision, corruption prevention and comprehensive
               risk management; fulfill commitments and contract obligations;
               standardize the disclosure of corporate information, and accept
               government and social supervision.

                                                               China Telecom Guangdong Branch has been rated as "Enterprise of
                                                               Observing Contract and Valuing Credit" by Guangdong Provincial Market
                                                               Supervision Administration for eight consecutive years

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  71
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