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Fulfill Overseas Responsibilities

             China Telecom provides services to overseas customers through China Telecom Global Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Telecom
            Global) and China Communications Services International Limited (hereinafter referred to as CCS International, or CCSI), a wholly-owned
            subsidiary of China Communications Services Co., Ltd. (China ComService), and is committed to providing customers with efficient and
            high-quality communications solutions and comprehensive, intelligent information services, and active performance of social responsibilities
            in combination with the actual conditions of relevant countries (regions).

                   Overseas Business and Service of China Telecom Global

                      China Telecom Global Limited provides Internet access and transit, broadband, unified communications, cloud computing,
                   ICT, fixed and mobile voice services and value-added services, professional and industrial solutions, as well as telecom operation
                   consulting and service outsourcing services to international operators, multinational corporate customers and individual customers
                   (mainly overseas Chinese). As of the end of 2019, China Telecom Global had established operations in 42 countries (regions) around
                   the world and 200 overseas PoPs with over 55.4Tbps of international Internet bandwidth and transcontinental capacity, as well as
                   assets in 41 submarine cables, including more than 10 cables under joint construction, and direct land cable connectivity with more
                   than 10 neighboring countries (regions), shaping a global footprint of service outlets and network capabilities.

                   Overseas Business and Service of China ComService

                      The products and services of China Communications Services Co., Ltd. cover three pillars – "Telecommunications Infrastructure
                   Service (TIS)", "Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)" services and "Applications, Content and Other Services (ACO)", including
                   design, engineering & construction, supervision, network maintenance, channel services, facility management, IT application
                   services, value-added voice services, value-added Internet services and other services. As of the end of 2019, China ComService
                   had established operations in 34 countries (regions) with a focus on expanding regional business in Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, the
                   Middle East and Africa to provide customers with professional, integrated, and differentiated communications construction and other
                   related services.

             China Telecom actively promotes communication with stakeholders overseas to spread its corporate image. In the Research Report on
            Overseas Branding Communication by Central SOEs (2019) published by the Data Research Center of (the overseas website
            of People's Daily), China Telecom's overseas branding communication index ranked the second among central SOEs.

            Build the Belt and Road

             According to the needs of countries (regions) along the Belt and Road in the development of telecommunications and ICTs, China Telecom
            has carried out extensive cooperation to actively assist in the construction of ICT infrastructure for better network interconnection; actively
            provided comprehensive industry chain services from ICT consultation, planning, construction and operation, as well as ICT application
            services for certain industries, to assist in cultivating professionals and promoting local ICT development.

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