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2019 Milestones of Belt and Road Engagement

                      January            April                         July
                    The cross-border section   Participated in the second Belt and Road   The National Telecommunications
                    of the China-Laos-  Forum for International Cooperation with   Commission (NTC) of the Philippines
                    Thailand terrestrial cable   a responsibility in the work of liaison   announced that Mislatel, a joint
                    was put into official   and reception for the thematic forum   investment between China Telecom and
                    operation after being   on "Facility Connectivity", and signed a   its Philippine partner, obtained a license
                    connected to the AEE1   project investment agreement with the   for telecommunications operation in the
                    submarine cable system   Philippines Udenna Group and Chelsea   Philippines and officially becomes its third
                    and thus linking to the   Logistics on joint operation of the third   telecommunications operator
                    whole Europe       telecommunications operator in the

                      February              June                        August        November
                      CCS International won the bid   At the first China-Africa Economic   Signed a   China Telecom Global, Daily
                      for Nepal Telecom's 4G LTE   and Trade Expo, China Telecom   memorandum of   Tech and Global Switch
                      project, providing high-quality   demonstrated its recent achievements   understanding   launched data center service in
                      4G LTE network construction,   and cases in building the Digital   on cooperation   the Frankfort North campus as
                      operation and maintenance   Silk Road, strengthening African   with Telecom   an approach to helping world-
                      services throughout Nepal  communications infrastructure, and   Egypt to help the   renowned brands to access the
                                            promoting ICT adoption in African   latter improve   German commercial Internet
                                            countries, as well as its future plans in   its operation   exchange center (DE-CIX) and
                                            Africa to support a "Smart Africa" in   management and   enjoy high-quality services
                                            building an "Information Silk Road"  operation services

               On April 25, 2019, China Telecom Chairman Ke Ruiwen (first from right)   On  August  7,  2019,  China  Telecom  and  Telecom  Egypt  signed  a   PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  IN A MODERATELY   CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT   SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
               and Udenna Group Chairman Dennis (first from left) signed an investment   memorandum of understanding on cooperation in Shenzhen, under which the
               agreement on the third telecommunications operator project in the Philippines   Sichuan Branch will introduce its experience and models to Telecom Egypt in
               at the second "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation  the fields of network planning and construction, customer service operation,
                                                               business expansion and talent training

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  75
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