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Serve Overseas Customers

             In 2019, China Telecom Global continued to optimize its global network layout, strengthen the integration of network resources and
            cloud services, enhance ICT operation capabilities, deepen overseas mobile operations (MVNO), enrich mobile roaming portfolio, and
            strive to improve service levels for overseas customers. Taking advantage of its comprehensive, integrated services, China ComService
            has facilitated the transformation from the traditional business model of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to the "EPC+F
            (financing)+I (investment)+O (operation)+S (solution)" model to provide leading products and services while taking into account the digital
            needs of overseas customers.

            In June 2019, the China Telecom customer service team won three awards under the category of "Global Support Service of the Year (Telecommunications)",
            "Integrated Support of the Year (Telecommunications)" and "Customer Service Center of the Year (Teleommunications)" in the 2018-2019 International Customer
            Relationship Excellence Award hosted by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC). The picture on the left is a group photo of the winning team of
            China Telecom

            Main Customer Service Indicators of China Telecom Global

             Indicator                          Unit           2017             2018             2019
             Timeliness of troubleshooting for international   %  98.3          98.8              99.2

             International customer satisfaction  %            90.1             90.4              91.4

             Customer recommendation             %             77.5             83.2              81.2

           【Improve CTExcel Service】

              In August 2019, thanks to its high-quality retail services and honest
            product guarantee in the mobile business in Hong Kong, China Telecom
            Global was approved by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association
            (HKRMA) as an official member. At the same time, China Telecom CTExcel
            was also invited to join the "No Fake" program to display a guarantee
            label issued by HKRMA in its stores and promise to continue high-quality
            services advocated by HKRMA. At present, CTExcel of China Telecom
            has covered Europe, North America, Hong Kong and other regions,
            receiving wide recognition and praise among Chinese students and
            overseas Chinese.
                                                             In August 2019, China Telecom Global displayed the guarantee lables issued
                                                             by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association at its Causeway Bay store
                                                             in Hong Kong to enhance user trust

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