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【The First International Service Station Established in China】

                 On June 5, 2019, China Telecom Global established its first international
               service station in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is guided by the service
               needs of international companies and leverages the policy support, human
               resources and communication service capabilities of the area to provide
               one-stop communication solutions to overseas companies "going into
               the Chinese market" as well as one-stop, comprehensive, smart global
               information services featuring fast response online anytime to Chinese
               companies "going global".

                                                               On June 5, 2019, China Telecom International Service Station Chengdu was
              【Build 4G Network for Nepal】

                 CCS International won the bid of the Nepal Telecom 4G LTE construction
               project in February 2019. As the EPC contractor, it is responsible for
               providing 4G LTE network construction, operation and maintenance
               services throughout Nepal. With the hard work of its engineering and
               construction teams, on December 31, 2019, more than 1,500 4G sites
               across Nepal were put into trial commercial operation, realizing the
               coverage of 4G networks in administrative areas above district and county
               levels as a strong support to the development of local finance, commerce,
               health and education sectors.

                 The completion of site activation beyond pre-set targets through working
               overtime on the New Year Eve removed our previous doubts about the
               competence of CCSI. It created two track records in the history of Nepal
               Telecom in terms of the number of sites opened in a single day and the number
               of sites delivered in a single month.
                                                               On October 2, 2019, Prime Minister Oli of Nepal attended the opening
                   --Saroj Man Pradhan, former Deputy General Manager of Nepal Telecom   ceremony of the first batch of sites for the NT 4G project, applauding CCS's
                       and General Manager of the Wireless Department of Nepal Telecom  delivery progress

               Support to Local Development

                China Telecom adheres to the localized employment policy
               under the people-oriented principle, protects the legitimate rights
               and interests of overseas employees and focuses on building
               harmonious labor relations to create a healthy corporate culture and
               continuously improve employee satisfaction; it has strengthened                                     IN A MODERATELY
               employee training to assist employee development; enhanced                                         PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT   SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
               overseas safety production management to protect the safety
               of employees; actively blended into the local society through
               communication and public welfare activities to help achieve local
               economic and social sustainability. In 2019, China Telecom Global's
               non-Chinese mainland employees reached 697 and figure for CCS
               International reached 3,314.

                                                               China Telecom Global provides active care to employees, communities and
                                                               the environment. On May 20, 2019, it was awarded as the "Caring Company"
                                                               by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) for the third consecutive

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