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【Employee Training Overseas】

              CCS International Nepal initiated a special campaign of "Security Training at the Grassroots Level" in Nepal from November 8 to December 6, 2019 to
            conduct safety education and training for front-line workers of communication engineering subcontractors in order to improve workers' safety awareness
            and knowledge base, raise the safety production awareness, safety production capabilities and communication service levels of Nepal's communication
            contractors, and improve Nepal's communication infrastructure construction capabilities.

              I really thank CCS for its trainings. I begin to understand that safe production can not only protect my personal work, but also ensure a happy family life. In the
            future, I will correct my bad habits in construction sites, bear in mind operating procedures for production safety, and always check for that.
                                                                     --Narendra Kunwar, local employee of CCS International Nepal

              In December 2019, the UAE Branch of CCS International held an Optical Fiber Splicing Skill Competition for employees. Evaluation was made upon the
            speed, quality and technical proficiency of the employees in 6 operations including stripping, installation, welding, fiber coiling, packaging and cable coiling.
            The competition is not only a test of optical fiber splicing skills, but also a standardized training of knowledge for on-the-job practice, enhancement of skills,
            mutual learning and common improvement.

            The site of the Optical Fiber Splicing Skill Competition for employees of CCS   From August to September 2019, China Telecom Global launched an
            International UAE on December 20, 2019           international talent exchange training program to train employees in
                                                             international business capabilities, cross-cultural leadership, overseas
                                                             adaptability, language skills, etc., to help employees better qualify for
                                                             overseas business development and customer service

           【Cultural Exchange Activities Overseas】
              On September 13, 2019, or the Mid-Autumn Day - a traditional Chinese national festival, China Telecom Europe held the first Dragon Boat Contest at
            London's Royal Albert Dock on the north bank of the Thames River, inviting nearly 200 local corporate customer representatives to participate and watch
            on the spot. The heated competition attracted a large number of local residents to take a stop and enjoy watching the game.

                                                              The China Telecom Dragon Boat Contest is a very meaningful event. As a
                                                             young man working in a foreign country, I can really feel the festive atmosphere.
                                                                  --Matthew Haigh, member of the Qinglong Team in the Dragon Boat
                                                                            Contest and representative of local corporate customer

            On September 13, 2019, China Telecom Europe held a Dragon Boat Contest
            on the Thames in London

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