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【Caring Activities Overseas】

                 CCS International South Africa actively participates in local activities for
               public welfare. In March 2019, with the theme of "Love Without Borders", it
               donated 74,000 rand (around RMB36,000 yuan) to the Transoranje School
               for the Deaf in Pretoria, South Africa to purchase hearing aids and other
               appliances for students.

                 I've never thought a foreign company from the other side of the world may
               provide such a large amount of donation to us. It's really heartwarming. We really
               appreciate what you have done to these kids!
                     --Ms. Alta Koekemoer, Director for Educational Affairs and Donation,   On March 9, 2019, staff from CCS International South Africa visited students
                              Transoranje School for the Deaf, Pretoria, South Africa  in the Transoranje School for the Deaf

               In 2019, China Telecom International and the Hong Kong Employment   The Kenya LEWA Marathon promotes environment protection and raises
               Development Service jointly organized the "CTG Cookie Class" to help young   funds to sponsor local livelihood projects related to drinking water, schools
               students with learning disabilities learn baking skills. On November 9, China   and power generation. On June 29, 2019, China Telecom (Kenya) sponsored
               Telecom employees worked with "cookie class" participants to make delicious   the LEWA marathon and provided volunteer service stations.
               cookies as a way to encouraging them to do their best to continue learning

              【Environment Protection Overseas】

               The location of China Telecom Europe is adjacent to the Thames branch river.                       PROSPEROUS SOCIETY  IN A MODERATELY   CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT   SYNERGY TO PROMOTE
               Floating garbages along the river poses a threat to inhabiting poultry and
               aquatic life. On July 2, 2019, China Telecom Europe organized its employees
               in a water garbage clean-up campaign, contributing to the reduction of river

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  79
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