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Main Honors

              Award to        Honor                                                  Award granted by

                              Class A Enterprise for 2018 Business Performance, Class A Enterprise for 2016-2018 Tenure   SASAC, State Council
                              Performance Evaluation

                              2019 A-Level Organization for Tax Credit               State Taxation Administration

              China                                                                  The State Council Leading Group
              Telecommunications   Rated "Good" in Evaluation on Fixed-Point Poverty Alleviation by Central Units in 2019  Office of Poverty Alleviation and
              Co., Ltd.                                                              Development (LGOPAD)

                              Top 50 Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Programs by Businesses  LGOPAD

                              The "Carrier-Level IPv6 Technology Innovation and Ultra-Large-Scale Deployment"   The Organizing Committee of the
                              project was awarded the "World's Leading Internet Technology Achievement"  6th World Internet Conference

                              2019 A-Level Organization for Tax Credit               State Taxation Administration

                              Most Honored Company in Asia, Best CEO in Asia, Best CFO in Asia, Best Investor Relations   Institutional Investor
                              Program in Asia, Best Corporate Governance in Asia, Best ESG SRI Metrics in Asia

                              The Asset Platinum Corporate Award, Best Investor Relations Team Award, Gold
                              Award for Best Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Awards for Best Initiatives in Social   The Asset
                              and Environmental Responsibility, and Corporate Governance
              China Telecom Co.,
                              The Best of Asia - Icon on Corporate Governance (2007-2019), Best Investor Relations, Best   Corporate Governance Asia
                              Corporate Communications, Best CFO

                              China's Best Companies – No. 1, Best Investor Relations – No. 1, Best ESG in China – No. 1  FinanceAsia

                              The 9th "The Golden Bauhinia" – Best Public Company Award, Entrepreneur of the Year   Takung Wenwei Media Group

                              The Best of Asia, Best CEO, Best Investor Relations    Corporate Governance Asia

                                                                                     China Information Technology
              China Communications   China's Top 100 Software and IT Enterprises 2019  Industry Federation
              Services Co., Ltd.

                                                                                     China Information Technology
                              2019 Excellent ICT Enterprises in the "Belt and Road" Program
                                                                                     Industry Federation

              BestTone Holding Co.,   Best VR Applications Award for E-Cloud VR, "Gold Award for VR/AR Innovation" for VR   2019 World Conference on VR
              Ltd.            system platform and application software               Industry

            84    China Telecom
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