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Special Report: All-out Measures to Fight against COVID-19

                The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020 has dealt a heavy blow to social production and life. In the face of the
               sudden outbreak, General Secretary Xi Jinping was personally in command and led deployment efforts. The entire China Telecom Group
               acted swiftly upon the urgent task, resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee, and
               put people's life and health in the first place. The management of the Group Company strengthened overall guidance and comprehensive
               deployment to form synergy while operations at all levels earnestly implemented various anti-pandemic measures based on local conditions
               to facilitate the resumption of work and production and actively perform social responsibilities.
                Spare no effort to assist the severely affected areas such as Hubei and Wuhan. The Group Company immediately activated the pandemic
               prevention and control response mechanism and mobilized the whole group's strength to deploy anti-pandemic materials with a focus
               on assisting emergency support to severely hit areas such as Hubei and Wuhan. The Hubei Branch made every effort to ensure the
               smooth communication for local government and the health care industry, guarantee the overall stable operation of the province's private
               medical and health networks and cloud platforms, and secure smooth operation of 12345 and 120 hotlines; it promptly activated 5G
               communications for Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals, and quickly completed core system deliveries to the two hospitals;
               promptly enabled network coverage in newly-built hospitals in Huanggang, Xiaogan and other places; successfully fulfilled important
               guarantee such as the video connection between national leaders and Wuhan hospitals, and remote medical consultations. In addition,
               the Hubei Branch enhanced its network coverage in a variety of ways to meet the network access needs of the vast majority of local rural
               students returning home so that class lectures were not suspended; the bandwidth of IPTV, cloud platforms and Internet data centers
               was expanded in time to provide cloud conference, cloud office, cloud storage of teaching materials and other services to education
               departments, universities, teachers and students free of charge.
                Strengthen employee care and strive to maintain employees' safety and physical health. The Group Company established an employee
               care team to guide subordinate companies/branches at all levels to strengthen their care for employees. The care for front-line employees
               for communications support against the pandemic and special care for 11 specific employee groups were launched by the Group Company,
               together with the supply of anti-pandemic materials at home and abroad in an orderly manner. Subordinate companies/branches at all
               levels raised funds for support and sympathy through multiple channels for special pandemic care, made active coordination to address the
               difficulties of employees in their lives, and set up mental health hotlines to help employees ease their psychological anxiety.
                Give full play to the advantages of cloud-network integration, promote a number of comprehensive ICT services, and help the society
               fight the pandemic and resume work and production. Combining the needs for pandemic prevention and control and demands for new ICT
               services, China Telecom organized and provided ICT applications and services including e Cloud, cloud conference, cloud live streaming,
               cloud class, Cloud Dam, E-surfing Push-to-Talk, E-surfing Housekeeping, E-surfing Speaker, E-surfing Pandemic Info and remote medical
               consultation system, and promoted 5G+VR, 5G+thermal imaging to check body temperature/smart disinfection vehicles and other
               5G-based ICT applications to help pandemic prevention and control, assist enterprises to resume work in a safe and orderly manner, and
               serve the society and people's livelihood. A number of ICT applications such as China Telecom's Pandemic Info and remote consultation
               system had played a significant role in helping combat the pandemic, and have been well received by the society. The 5G "supervisor on
               the cloud" has also received extensive recognition.
                Work hard to do a good job in customer service. More than 20 service measures including zero deactivation, SMS for public good, rapid
               activation of important guarantee and caller tags have been launched in a timely manner. Service management had been strengthened
               and the online service capabilities in electronic channels improved. Work-from-home seats were adopted in the 10000 customer hotline
               center and the resumption of work and production in physical service halls were steadily facilitated while ensuring area-specific pandemic
               prevention and control levels to ensure uninterrupted service and guaranteed customer experience. Network information security was
               strengthened to protect users' personal information.
                Acknowledge outstanding figures and sacrifices made in anti-pandemic efforts. During the fight against the pandemic, over 8,600
               grassroots CPC organizations and more than 57,000 CPC members fought on the front line. A large number of executives and employees
               made due contributions to ensuring stable operation of the national economy, social stability, and pandemic prevention and control,
               producing outstanding teams featuring the courage to overcome difficulties, innovation and dedication, as well as excellent individual
               models brave to take responsibility against challenges and make sacrifice. The Group Company commended 24 teams including the Wuhan
               Branch, and 34 individuals including Shi Sanping, all with remarkable performance in pandemic prevention and control.
                The global COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading. China Telecom will conscientiously implement the requirements of the CPC Central
               Committee and the State Council, coordinate anti-pandemic efforts at home and abroad, and resolutely guard against "imported infections
               and domestic resurgence"; coordinate the work in normalized pandemic prevention and control with economic and social development to
               do its best to complete the pre-set goals and tasks for the whole year.

                                                                                            2019 CSR Report  85
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