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             In 2020, China Telecom will carry out the following tasks in fulfilling its social responsibilities:
             Promote responsibility management: resolutely implement a series of decisions and deployments made by the CPC
            Central Committee to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and promote socio-economic development, put people's life
            and health first, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of central SOEs, coordinate efforts in pandemic prevention and
            control, production and operation, as well as reform and development, solidly promote high-quality development, and
            make due contributions to the decisive victory of poverty alleviation and the comprehensive building of a moderately
            prosperous society.
             Develop ICT services: actively develop the "new infrastructure" and accelerate the establishment of new information
            network infrastructure such as 5G, Internet of Things, and data centers. Make efforts to allow 5G networks to serve
            more users with good experience. Promote cloud-network integration, build integrated cloud-network infrastructure with
            corresponding products and operation systems. Speed up network construction and universal service in remote and
            poor villages. Optimize 4G network coverage, consolidate and improve the quality of fiber-optic broadband networks,
            and actively deploy gigabit networks based on user needs to further reduce tariffs. Continue to build a large-capacity
            broadband satellite network to actively meet customer demands for satellite communications. Promote technological
            innovation and independent R&D of key, core technologies. Strengthen network information security, improve
            emergency communication support capabilities, and ensure secure and smooth networks. Improve smart service
            capabilities at higher customer service levels.
             Boost economic transformation and upgrading: actively expand cooperation with diversified verticals and promote
            "new consumption" with "new infrastructure". Give full play to China Telecom's advantages in 5G, cloud-network
            integration, network security and reliability to make in-depth exploration of the application of the new generation of ICTs
            to empower digital government, smart cities, industrial Internet, education, medical care and others fields, facilitate
            the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through integrated intelligent information services, improve
            people's livelihoods, facilitate the integrated development of various industries, promote green development, and
            promote the high-quality development of a moderately prosperous society.
             Join hands to promote civilization development: make every effort to promote poverty alleviation, ensure that areas for
            targeted poverty alleviation and counterpart assistance will achieve set targets as scheduled, and actively help localities
            meet poverty alleviation goals. Protect the rights and interests of users in accordance with the law so that users can
            consume with confidence. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promote the development of talent
            teams, innovate approaches to talent selection, cultivation, use, and incentive mechanisms, give full play to the role
            of various talents, and promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen. Effectively safeguard the life and physical
            health of employees, do a good job in pandemic prevention and control in accordance with the specific requirements
            of localities, and continue to strengthen safe and civilized production management. Promote energy conservation and
            emission reduction, and strive to achieve further reduction in energy consumption per unit of information flow. Support
            the development of social undertakings such as science, education, culture and health. Actively participate in the Belt
            and Road programs, actively fulfill social responsibilities overseas, and help relevant countries (regions) in their socio-
            economic development.

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